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 “Momentum First and then the Signal”



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-when the market is going to move!

-how to filter out false signals

-the power of reversals

-how to beat the results of automatic trading systems

-how understanding price can help you succeed


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Learn These Momentum Trading Techniques

The Dow Trade

The Follow Trade

The Reactionary Momentum Trade

Long Term Momentum Trading


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 The Complete RSI PRO Forex Trading Method

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Customer Comments


“We are looking at starting back in trading Forex. We bought everything you had back in middle of 2011 . . . Your help and system was the most reliable of all that we have worked with.”



“Paul, thought I would drop you a quick note to say the system is working pretty well.  I have a block of time early a.m. eastern (London market) where I trade before I go to work, and occasionally the Asian session, and have been steadily ahead overall.  Around 60% or so winning trades and maybe a bit more profit. . . Have been using primarily the H1 and M30 charts, and have found that I can get winners of 20-50 pips . . . Overall, has been working well and if I am careful I am fairly confident I can consistently come out ahead. I like the clarity of your indicator and the system in general.  Still involves judgment on whether to take a risk, but the signals are clear and you do start to see certain patterns develop.”



“What a Great Course! Currently rereading it second time. And same time applying the techniques from it. Trading is truly becoming non stressful. I cannot think on how I previously traded without an understanding of momentum. The (RSI Paint) indicator is the BEST!”



“Paul, I’d just like to thank you for your system. It’s truly remarkable and has been a blessing since I’ve used it. It’s so easy for anyone to comprehend and apply it, no matter the age or experience.”


“When I trade your system I feel like I’m playing Pacman, scooping up $$$ until I hit a reversal or divergence…then move on to another pair. Thank you for an awesome trading system and statistical data to back it up. Now, trading Forex is enjoyable and no longer stressful.”


“Textbook perfect trade today on the EURUSD M30, positive reversal for 130 pip New Years bonus!
–Mr. Pitschman


“Just wanted to let you know that I have been using The RSI Paint Indicator with great success! The RSI Paint Indicator is the basis of my trading plan. Things are going great, over 400 pips just from this week! And over 300 from last week. The RSI Paint Indicator is very powerful when used correctly, I’m glad I stumbled across it.”


“Your site is a great learning tool. I will use it through 2011 and beyond!”


Your indicator and articles have changed my whole approach to trading. I originally discounted RSI as being of little use given my preferred trading method, but thought I should at least investigate more thoroughly before rejecting its use.”


“Another good morning for scalping, shorted for 30 pips off the EURUSD, negative reversal at 5 AM. Just caught the Positive Reversal at 9 AM on the same pair, and grabbed an early 15 pips. I’m done for the day! 45 pips, and I was only looking for 15.


“I feel strongly, if I apply your lessons, I can make a decent steady income!


“I would have stopped trading by now, if I had not found your system.


“I have been doubling my account every 21 days.”


“I wholeheartedly agree with you regarding the importance of the RSI. I have done extensive research over a period of 2 years just on the RSI and its different settings to appreciate what you are saying. What I do appreciate from your article is the 4 different signals and the statistical data available to prove it.”



Ready to Start?

Immediate Download of all Materials